Our Services

Digital Doubles

Our specialty from the start has always been 3d scanning and customization of human digital doubles, for a variety of uses such as:

  • digital replacement in visual effects for film and television
  • creating a convincing and diverse cast in video games
  • building believable characters for virtual reality applications

Custom Retopology

Most of our projects have very specific requirements as to how a 3d model should be delivered such as polygon count or limits, texture coordinate layouts, edge loop flow, etc. … This is especially true for real-time applications where rigging and animation pipelines have already been set up, or where processing power is an issue when many digital characters are rendered simultaneously. For larger assignments we will typically build a suitable template, unless one is provided by our client, and morph it to each of the faces. This ensures the consistency and usability of the final 3d models.

Assembling A Digital Cast

Are you located overseas or you don’t want to spend the time? We offer the convenient service of finding your characters for you by tediously browsing the many local talent agencies. All we need is a list of requirements and we can start the search. Additionally, if needed we will also provide a hair and make-up artist to make sure we get the “look” you need.


We recently built our own multi-camera photogrammetry head scanner which allows us to capture faces in a split-second. This was a crucial step for us as a result of the increased demand in high quality video game-ready assets. This demand required us to scan and process innumerable faces for several projects simultaneously. A second benefit of this type of system is the greatly automated step of processing the digital models from the photographs. This gives us more time to focus on the final clean-up of the assets and make sure our clients get exactly what they requested.

3D Scanned Products and Objects

We offer metrology-grade laser scanning using the award-winning Handyscan 700. We can easily travel to any location and scan nearly any object or material, with few limitations (glass or highly reflective surfaces are still very difficult, unless treated with spray). Typical uses are:

  • Product visualization for advertisement
  • Hard surface geometry (cars, weapons, …)
  • Digitization and customization of artworks
  • Storing or duplicating artifacts
  • Duplicating physical objects by 3d printing or CNC milling.

Post Processing

Just as with the digital doubles, we offer custom clean-up and retopology services where needed. More often than not the density of the acquired data is much higher than can be handled in its final application. We redraw a clean topology on top of the surface while making sure the details and curves are maintained.

In the unlikely event an object or some of its parts are not scannable either due to the materials, size or perhaps accessibility, we will attempt to model or sculpt it by hand wherever feasible.